WH Bryan Scholarship Announces Independent Selection Panel

An independent selection panel of eminent Earth Scientists has been established to review and recommend the award of the scholarship.

The WH Bryan Scholarship Selection Panel

Adjunct Professor David Gust

Recently retired, Professor David Gust joined QUT in 1990 and held numerous leadership and senior management positions in the university. This included being the foundation Head of the School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences in the newly formed Science and Engineering Faculty (SEF), SEF Assistant Dean (Executive), SEF Assistant Dean (Research), Deputy Director Institute of Future Environments and Science Academic Director.

In these roles, Professor Gust developed a strong understanding of Australian higher education policy and procedures with respect to teaching and research. Professor Gust has degrees from Lawrence University (BA with Honours), Rice University (MA) and the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University (PhD).

He has worked at the University of New Hampshire and the Lunar and Planetary Institute and NASA – Johnson Space Center.

Trained in the fields of geochemistry and igneous petrology, Professor Gust has undertaken research that ranges from experimental studies on the origins of rocks and minerals to field studies on volcanoes in Japan and Africa and granites in Australia and USA. He has over 60 peer-reviewed publications and conference abstracts, and supervised more than 60 Honours, Masters and PhD students. He was a foundation member of the Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (ACEDD) and a past President of the Geological Society of Australia (Qld Division).

Adjunct Professor Rod Holcombe

Rod is an Adjunct Professor of Structural Geology at UQ, and a founding member of HCOV Global, a consortium of consultants to the minerals exploration industry. His undergraduate training was at The University of Sydney, where he graduated with First Class Honours.

Following several years as an exploration geologist, he completed a PhD at Stanford University in 1973. Rod joined The University of Queensland as a Lecturer in structural geology in 1974 after a brief stint at Leiden University in The Netherlands.

His academic research over the following 30 years included structural analyses in both Precambrian metamorphic terranes and Phanerozoic continental margin terranes in numerous countries but with a focus on Queensland.

Following retirement from active academia in 2005, Rod began a structural geology consultancy to the minerals industry, and over the subsequent 12 years worked on the structural context of 34 mining and exploration projects in 17 different countries. Rod is the recipient of The Dorothy Hill Medal (for services to Queensland geology), and the Bruce Hobbs Medal (for services to Structural Geology). His CV includes 1 book, 3 book chapters, 66 refereed journal articles, 4 published maps, and over 100 non-refereed articles and reports.

Mr Peter Ellis

Peter Ellis is an Honours Graduate in Applied Science (Geology) and Arts (Economics) from the University of Queensland. In the late 1950s he was one of Professor W H Bryan’s students.

He served with the Queensland Government as Principal Geologist, Geological Survey of Queensland; Director of Environmental Control, Coordinator-General’s Department; Director of Intergovernmental Relations, Premier’s Department; Director-General, Department of Industry Development; Director-General, Department of Manufacturing and Commerce; Executive Chairman, Queensland Coal Board; and finally Director-General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Coordinator-General of Queensland.

In the private sector he directed a business development consultancy and chaired an international bulk carrier shipping company.

Basaltic hyaloclastite from Green Hill, central Queensland.

Basaltic hyaloclastite from Green Hill, central Queensland.


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